Tiredness, Depression & Anxiety

"I've been going to Sara for a combination of acupuncture and nutritional advice for quite some time now and it is not an exaggeration to say that, with her help, my life has been transformed. She tailors treatment around specific personal issues (mental or physical), with long-lasting, noticeable results being experienced often during or immediately after my sessions. Sara's approach is kind, positive and patient, which really helped to put me at ease. I was suffering from tiredness, anxiety and mild depression due to a combination of medical issues and a particularly stressful job.

Soon after starting treatment my depression and anxiety subsided to barely noticeable levels, even with a stressful job during the day. After initially going for weekly acupuncture sessions when my symptoms were more acute, I now book appointments either fortnightly or monthly as I am able to carry a feeling of strength, energy and relaxed confidence with me for longer periods. Whatever your problem, I would recommend talking to Sara and pursuing a treatment course with her. Like me, you might find it is an experience that will change your life."

Tim M

Product manager

Digestive issues

"I have to say that I was sceptical about the positive benefits of acupuncture, but Sara's needles work wonders! Her expertise in diet and various healing techniques really helped me with my poor digestion. I would never have guessed that pins placed in my feet would make my stomach gurgle and balance my entire system, leaving me feeling calm and serene after every treatment. I would highly recommend Sara as an acupuncturist and all-round health guru"

Julian M


Migraines during pregnancy

"In my second trimester of pregnancy I started suffering from severe headaches. I didn't want to take any strong medication as I wanted to avoid passing any of it to my baby. A GP at the NHS suggested that I could try an alternative treatment such as acupuncture. I decided to give it a try, and after 2 sessions I felt a great relief, which couldn't come a moment too soon after a month and a half of bad headaches. Based on my experience I strongly recommend acupuncture as an alternative treatment, especially if you want to have a natural pregnancy. Sara was great, she provided me with fantastic support during this process, which resulted in a timely relief from pain"

Patricia M

Full-time mum

Hormonal imbalances

"When I first booked a session with Sara I suffered with hormonal issues and anxiety which I had tried to treat through numerous visits to GPs over three years - with no success...
It has been a year now. And not only Sara's acupuncture treatments relieved me at times I felt particularly uncomfortable, but my general energy and health have improved dramatically.
Sara is so kind, incredibly knowledgeable and professional. Through regular sessions she has introduced me to Chinese medicine. She has helped me become aware of elements impacting my energy levels and health. As time went by my lifestyle changed - for the best and without me even noticing it. I exercise, I'm happy, my work and personal life are better than ever. And I'm no longer afraid of needles : ) "

Fanny B

Graphic designer


I'd been to a scary looking Chinese herbal remedy place for some Acupuncture a few years ago and got the total wrong impression of what it was really about. Sara, has been such a magic discovery, she listens and most importantly she explains. It's not what Western culture is familiar with, but I can definitely say that regular acupuncture has benefited me, I feel stronger, more centered and have less anxiety. I tell all my friends suffering with anything from stress to allergies to visit her and they all come back saying the same thing... "She's AMAZING".

Gemma C

TV Broadcaster

Chronic sinusitis/ME

I have been seeing Sara for well over a year with what started off as chronic recurrent sinusitis and has developed into (or turned out to be) be ME/ chronic fatigue syndrome. During this time, I have been extremely low in energy, some days hardly even able to get out of bed. And it is only after acupuncture with Sara that I have felt something approaching normal energy levels and a spring in my step. My appointments with her have at times felt like a life-line. She has a calm, caring and quietly confident approach. I completely trust her judgement and really value her advice. When I finally recover my only regret will be that I won't be seeing her so often.

Hannah G. C

Campaign Manager

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